He have his goodness now. God forbid I take it from him! One thing we all have to fight about every day revolves around the topic or word, trust. “Should this person be trusted or is the risk of trusting them too big?” To earn trust is a big task to go for because people always gets tricked and played with. So the real question arises, “Why can trust be such a difficult thing to gain?” One thing to about telling lies or the truth is that it begins when one is a kid and depending on how much value the truth holds by the individual will determine if the person will lie or tell the truth. Lying is a habit. Lying tends to become a habit. People who tell small lies will usually be fine with telling big ones. Once proven that one cannot be trusted, it will be very hard to actually even gain a little of trust back because trust has a really big risk factor in it that people decide to take it someone else and if it all goes downhill, do does the trust level. A reason why trust is so hard to gain is because “Trust usually isn’t something people openly talk about or address in relationships until it’s been broken” and “breaking or betraying someone’s trust is a game changer and it negatively affects the relationship without question. Sometimes you have the opportunity to rebuild the trust and sometimes you don’t.” An example of trust and the truth being messed with is in a story called The Crucible. When John Proctor finally confessed to adultery to court with Abigail Williams because he was tired of her faking about Satan to get his wife jailed and killed. But the thing that separated his wife from going to safety and being killed is if he was lying or not. The court did not trust him because he is a man and Abigail is a little girl and it is believed back then that little kids don’t lie or do not know how so they were trusting her more. So John vouched for his wife because he knew she would never ever lie about anything. His wife Elizabeth Proctor has never lied in her entire life so he knew that if she sold out Abigail then he and she would be free with his reputation ruined but he would still be with his wife. But his wife did not know he confessed and she lied to protect his identity and ended up ruining his life. That is why trust is something that gets messed around all the time with. No one will know exactly what to trust so then that creates problems between people so trust starts becoming a liability. “It is rare for people to be asked the question which puts them squarely in front of themselves.” 


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